Fulfilling your Conditions for Admission

Your letter of conditional admission contains the requirements you need to fulfil in order to be unconditionally admitted. These conditions are specific to your situation.

Quick guide to fulfilling your conditions for admission:

Conditions you might need to fulfil:

1. I have to send proof of my diploma and transcript

Although we are able to determine your initial eligibility based on digital scans of your documents, we will need to receive certified digital documents once you are conditionally accepted.

*Some non-EU students, whose diploma is due after June 15, will first need to submit a proof of anticipated degree.

What is a certified digital document?

A certified digital document is an electronic copy of a degree certificate, academic transcript or other graduation document of which the content and authenticity can be securely verified online. Examples include PDFs which carry embedded digital signatures, e-certificates/transcripts, verifiable QR codes, or website links to a verification portal, among others.

How to submit certified (digital) documents?

1. Digital documents via Osiris Online Application:
If you can provide certified digital PDF documents please log in to OSIRIS online application and submit it there. Make sure that your document is a certified digital document – read definition above.

2. Digital documents via your university’s system / other  verification platform:
Digital documents can be submitted using an independent academic verification platform (i.e. Australia and New Zealand: MyEquals, Canada: Blockcerts, China: CHESSIC, United Kingdom: GradIntelligence, DigitaryCORE, United States: Parchment, National Student Clearing House) OR it can be sent using the secure electronic system/database of your university. The email id to be used is admissiondocuments@uu.nl.

Note: Utrecht University does not reach out to other universities directly for the purposes of document verification. It is the student's responsibility to arrange this with their institution. Furthermore, Utrecht University does not use paid services to verify credentials on the student's behalf.

3. Digital documents via email:
If your university doesn’t have digital certified documents, we can accept your documents as plain PDF files, provided that we receive those directly from your university from the official e-mail address of the registrar. This means we do not accept plain PDF files if these are sent from an unverifiable e-mail account. Please ask your university to send the required academic documents to admissiondocuments@uu.nl.

4. Certified hard copies:
If you are unable to submit your documents digitally, Utrecht University still accepts certified hard copies by post. Please note however that certified digital documents are the preferred method of verification. We therefore kindly ask you to attempt to send your documents digitally as described above first. A certified hard copy is a physical copy of a student’s degree certificate, academic transcript or other graduation document that carries an official stamp or/and signature in ink from your university or public notary. Note: we cannot accept documents from lawyers/attorneys.

You can send your certified hard copies to this address: International Student Admissions, Graduate Admission, Administration Building, Winthontlaan 30C, 3526 KV Utrecht, the Netherlands. If you decide to submit certified hard copies by post, please ensure that you send your documents well in advance of the submission deadline, as international postal services occasionally suffer from delays.

Sworn Translations

Utrecht University accepts documents in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. Documents issued in one of these languages need not be translated.

If your documents are written in another language, you will need to supply additional translations by a sworn or certified translator. If sent digitally, we need to receive these translations directly from the translator using their official e-mail address. They can email the documents to admissiondocuments@uu.nl. If sent by post, we need to receive the original documents carrying an official stamp from the translator.

Please note that we do not accept translations made by lawyers or public notaries. In case your country does not have sworn translators, a certified translator may perform the official translations. If applicable, a public notary can certify the signature/identity of the translator thereafter.

2. I have to send proof of my English Proficiency

If you had not yet taken an English test at the time of your application, or your scores were insufficient, you will need to send your new official score report or certificate with sufficient scores to receive unconditional admission.

How? You can upload your official report in OSIRIS Online Application.

English proficiency test

Required proof

IELTS Academic

Scan of your official report

Note: we do not accept IELTS Online


Scan of your official report

Cambridge Certificate C1 and C2

Scan of your certificate or statement of results

3. I have to complete a course or pass a test

Based on the assessment of the Admissions Committee of your knowledge and previous education, you may be asked to complete a short course or pass a test before you can start the Master’s programme.

How? If this is the case, you will receive further information and instructions by email from the relevant Graduate School after you are conditionally admitted.