Canadian Student Loans

Utrecht University is a designated educational institution for the purposes of certifying Canadian Student Loan applications. The Canada Student Loans Program allows students to borrow money from the Government of Canada to pursue higher education. Staff at the International Office via are able to help students complete their loan applications by certifying and confirming their student status on the relevant documentation provided by the Canadian Government. The university’s Institutional Code is QUHD.
For details about eligibility and how to apply for a loan, please visit the  Canada Student Loans Program website.

Tax credit

Utrecht University has also been recognised by the Canadian Revenue Agency as a ‘University outside Canada’ for the purposes of paragraph 118.5(1)(b) and paragraph 118.6(1)(b) of the Canadian Income Tax Act. In this regard, paragraph 118.5(1)(b) of the act permits a Canadian taxpayer, who was a student in full-time attendance at a university outside Canada in a course leading to a degree during the year, to claim the appropriate percentage of tuition fees paid as a tax credit, subject to certain restrictions. Furthermore, the parent or guardian of such a student is also eligible to claim the transferred portion of tuition fees allowed under section 118.9 of the act.

Please visit the website of the Canada Revenue Agency for more information.

Additional Loan options

Global Education Management Services (GEMS) also offers student loan options to Canadian students.