The Faculty Club has more than 3,000 members, most of whom are employees of Utrecht University or of UMC Utrecht (University Medical Centre).

Staff membership

  • All staff who have a contract with Utrecht University or UMC Utrecht.
  • Retired staff (who worked for Utrecht University or UMC Utrecht on date of retirement).
  • Other staff under contract with employers related to Utrecht University.

These members do not have to pay a fee.

Alumni membership

  • Alumni of Utrecht University who may or may not be donators to the Utrecht University Fund.

For this membership there is a fee of €65 per year, reduced to €45 per year for those who make a donation to the University Fund.

Institutional membership

  • Closely related organisations or institutes can request membership with the Board of Management:


You can register on membership and clicking on 'Send'. You will be sent a letter of confirmation.

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