Teaching & Learning Lab

I think the space is a lot better than the 'normal' learning spaces.


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What does the space offer you?

The TLL is split up in 2 workspaces, both aimed at research and experimentation. The space offers your education the following:

  • A wide range of innovative tools to shape your education with
  • The ability to personalize all details of your education
  • Complete freedom in arranging the floor plan
  • Built-in recording equipment, to help easily execute research
  • Easy to split up into multiple learning environments when using both learning spaces

So if you are looking for a learning space that encourages a personalized room layout, experimentation in your education, is supported by tools on location, and offers the possibility to split up different groups? Come and take a look at the TLL!

Learning Space Scores

Curious about in which categories this learning space distinguishes itself? Check out the following graph!

Learning Spaces scores, Teaching & Learning Lab