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In the educational and testing facilities of the Teaching & Learning Lab, the education determines the layout of the space, instead of the space determining how the instructor can teach. Tables and chairs, sitting or standing tables, or no furniture at all: anything is possible in these experimental learning spaces. In addition to the flexible furnishings, the space has modern equipment available that can be used during the teaching moment, such as digital whiteboards, an interactive wall for mindmapping and brainstorming sessions, and observation cameras for educational research. The TLL has two of these educational and testing facilities, as well as a studio where instructors can record knowledge clips, brief videos, webinars or other video resources under the supervision of an operator.

The Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL) was created in 2016 to address instructors’ desire to design their own teaching spaces. The TLL is an education lab for instructors in secondary education, pupils, students, educational researchers and companies to experiment and conduct research into new teaching formats. The lab offers space to investigate, test and develop new opportunities in real-world teaching practice. Together, the users of the TLL improve their own teaching skills and inspire their colleagues with new ideas. The experiences and results gained from these experiments have led to innovations such as the realisation of the Active Learning Classroom at Utrecht University. 


Due to the experimental nature of the TLL educational facilities and the modern equipment available, the reservation procedure involves participating in an intake interview. Together with the educational consultant, the instructor will discuss his/her education-related wishes in order to develop a suitable teaching setting. The Teaching & Learning Lab’s unique advantage is the ability to create a teaching space from scratch, based on the learning objectives to be achieved and the desired relevant learning activities.

Find inspiration for innovative lessons at the Teaching & Learning Lab good practices page.

Video about the TLL.


Where: Buys Ballotgebouw; room 3.19, 3.22 en 3.25 
Suitable for: experimental, innovative, group collaboration, education-related research

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