Mathematics Education Seminar


Teaching inferential statistics. A learning trajectory for primary, secondary and tertiary education

Arjen de Vetten, Leiden University   

“Later school start time benefits teenagers” is an example of a claim about a population based on a sample. Such inferential statements are often found in the media. Many tertiary students encounter inferential statistics in their studies, but struggle to understand it. I will present a concept learning trajectory how to teach inferential statistics from primary education onwards. First, I will talk about how my PhD research informs how to informally introduce primary school children to inferential statistics. Second, I will discuss how new teaching methods based on simulations, such as bootstrap methods, can help tertiary students to understand inferential statistics. Bringing these two research strands together I will present a cyclical learning trajectory for inferential statistics for primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational education. The discussion may focus on elaborating the learning objectives for the various educational levels.


Mathematics Education Seminars are conducted monthly; additional information can be found on the seminar webpage

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