Nieuw boek: Public Management in an Information Age

Book cover: Public Management in an Information Age

Van Albert Meijer (Universiteit Utrecht), Alex Ingrams en Stavros Zouridis is zojuist verschenen: Public Management in an Information Age. Towards Strategic Public Information Management bij Bloomsbury Publishing. Dit boek is speciaal geschreven voor iedereen die publiek management bestudeert of daarin werkzaam is, en geeft lezers inzicht in ICT en de implicaties daarvan voor publiek management.

(Het boek en onderstaande tekst zijn in het Engels)

New information and communication technologies have drastically changed public management. Public managers are increasingly dependent on information gathered form complex systems and they need to be able to put in place sound IT and communication structures.

Public Management in an Information Age, aimed specifically at those studying and working in public management, offers readers a comprehensive understanding of ICTs and their implications for public management. It provides aspiring and current public managers a framework for the development of strategic public information management across the full range of public organizations.

The book is written by Albert Meijer, Alex Ingrams and Stavros Zouridis, leading experts in this area, and offers:

  • A thorough grounding in the latest research
  • Examples of issues and practices from different contexts and types of organizations around the world
  • A range of tools and techniques to help readers analyse concrete situations and develop appropriate solutions
  • Summary boxes on key ICTs in non-technical language

It is the ideal text for students on Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Management and Master of Public Policy programmes.

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