UIPS participates in the Graduate School of Life Sciences and is responsible for the Master's- and PhD-programmes Drug Innovation.

Master's programme Drug Innovation

Although our knowledge of diseases is growing, the number of new innovations in medicine is beginning to decline. However, with pioneering techniques, researchers are trying to reverse this trend. This is important, because drugs developed and used in the last century (e.g., antibiotics and mental health drugs) have proven to be effective and cheap remedies for major illnesses.

The Master’s programme in Drug Innovation trains students who later wish to apply their skills to pharmaceutical research. Research in this field is multidisciplinary, and so research projects may be carried out in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry or pharmacy.

PhD programme Drug Innovation
The UIPS offers its PhD candidates a PhD programme in pharmaceutical research, preparing a doctoral thesis and following a training programme. The PhD students receive their research training within the research groups of the UIPS. The doctoral thesis must describe, and have resulted from, original scientific research supervised by an officially recognized PhD supervisor (Dutch: promotor), usually a full university professor. The focus is on Bioinspired Drug Innovation. Read more.