UIPS hosts several types of seminars. International scientists are invited for the International Seminar Programme on a regular basis. For the Science for Life and Utrecht Life Sciences community we have organised an annual networking symposium, Molecules & Medicine in the past. For similar events please check out Utrecht Life Sciences. And in October we organise the biennial symposium of UIPS

Lunch breaks can be used to eat and drink a bit, sip a bit of fresh air, and also now and then to acquire information on what kind of science really happens within our building. To stimulate the latter, UIPS initiated the David de Wied Colloquium, an open lunch-seminar. Between 12.30 and 13.20 hours two of the scientists of the DdW building, sometimes substituted by a guest scientist, will hold a scientific seminar. The seminars are open to everyone; a snack is provided after the lectures.

Preliminary schedule DdW colloquia in 2018
6 February

Renske ten Ham (PECP) and Ling Xiao (PCOL)

6 March

Linette Willemsen (PCOL) and Joris Komen (PECP)

3 April

Bert Leufkens (PECP) and Roland Pieters (CBDD)

1 May

Gert Storm (PHAR) and PhD (BMSP)

5 June

Zeshi Li (CBDD) and Sjaak Jong (PHAR)

4 September

Simone Lemeer (BMSP) and Yingxin Yu (PCOL)

2 October

FIGON Dutch Medicine Days, DDW Colloquium cancelled.

6 November

Aukje Mantel (PECP) and PhD (CBDD)

4 December

Tom Wennekes (CBDD) and Lucia Martinez Jothar (PHAR)


E.g., 11/17/2018