UIPS hosts several types of seminars. International scientists are invited for the International Seminar Programme on a regular basis. And we organise the biennial symposium of UIPS. In 2022 this coincided with our 30th. Anniversary Symposium. This lustrum symposium was held at Gasthuis Leeuwenbergh in Utrecht on 20 May 2022. This photo safari was planned, but the rain interfered. 

For the Science for Life and Utrecht Life Sciences community we have organised an annual networking symposium, Molecules & Medicine in the past. Nowadays, together with other life sciences research institutes we annually organise the Science for Life SymposiumFor more events please check out Utrecht Life Sciences.

To stimulate internal collaborations, UIPS initiated the David de Wied Colloquium, a monthly seminar. The first Tuesday of each month between 16.00 and 16.50 hours two of the scientists of our institute, sometimes substituted by a guest scientist, will hold a short scientific seminar, intended to showcase results to scientists from other groups. These seminars are open to everyone. The colloquium ends with announcements of relevance to all scientists and students.

Announcements for these and other seminars are made in the UIPS MS Team, make sure you turn on notifications of the Interesting Seminars channel. 

Agenda (link to subscribe to the agenda):