Utrecht University Award for Excellence in Pharmacy

2023, Prof. Claire Anderson for Transforming the Future of Pharmacy (photo by Bas van Breukelen)

The mission of the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University, clearly identifies teaching and research as core-tasks. Public health and society, in general, are considered as important sources of inspiration. The department recognizes that it would not be able to fulfill its successful leadership role in both the pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice, without the encouragement, dedication and excellence of pharmaceutical scientists and practitioners all over the world.

In this spirit of recognition two awards are given out: one (even years) for Excellence in Pharmacy Practice and the other (odd years) for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Research to persons who have demonstrated excellence either in pharmacy practice or pharmaceutical sciences, or in both. To strengthen the idea of reaching out to the pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical research community worldwide, the successful nominees are be selected from candidates outside the Utrecht department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Prof.dr. Marcel Bouvy, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University.


2009, Research

Prof. Julia Kirchheiner, University of Ulm, Germany

2008, Practice

Drs. Ton Hoek, FIP

2007, Research

Prof. Ad IJzerman, Leiden University

2006, Practice

Prof. Chiel Hekster, Radboud University

2005, Research

Prof. Hartmund Derendorf, University of Florida, USA

2004, Practice

Prof. Dick Tromp, RU Groningen