Training Programme

Name of the activity Frequency Credits Organizing entity
Introduction course GS-LS Five/year 0.3 GS-LS
DI Core Courses and Activities      
DI Introduction course *
Includes workshop Cross Cultural Communication
Once yearly 1 UIPS
UIPS Symposium ** Biannually 0.3 UIPS
Science for Life Symposium ** Annually 0.3 S4L
Dutch Medicines Days ** Annually 0.3  FIGON
Bioinspired Drug Innovation workshops Bimonthly 0.3 per workshop UIPS
PI rotation (for selected students only) Bimonthly 0.3 per workshop UIPS
PhD retreat Once yearly 0.3 UIPS
Pizza meetings Bimonthly 0.1 UIPS
International Seminar Programme Bimonthly 1 for 8 UIPS
Active participation in >65% of research group progress meetings Weekly 1.5 for 4 years UIPS
Presentation (oral/poster) at (inter)national scientific meeting   0.5  
* compulsory      
** at least once in 4 years      
DI In-depth Courses      
Advanced Pharmacology DI-411 in Osiris   Once yearly 7.5 UIPS
Advanced Organic Synthesis SK-MOSS in Osiris Once yearly 7.5 UIPS/Debye
Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics (biomolecular-mass-spectrometry-course/) Once yearly 3 UIPS/Bijvoet
Intro to Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists (UBC course list) Once yearly 3 UIPS/Bijvoet/IBB/UMCU
Advanced Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting (ADDDT course) Once yearly 2 UIPS/GUIDE/LACDR
DI Summer schools (      
Exploring Nature’s Molecular Machines Once yearly 3.0 Bijvoet/UIPS
Nanomedicine Once yearly 1.5 UMCU/UIPS
Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety Once yearly 1.5 UIPS
Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis Once yearly 1.5 UIPS/WHO
Pharmacoeconomics Once yearly 1.5 UIPS
Other DI related courses      
Chemical Design & Discovery (icdd2016/)   3 Nijmegen CMLS
TOP polymer courses Once yearly 2 TOP Eindhoven
Statistics, Epidemiology, Clinical courses See (phd-course-centre)    
General courses      
See General courses and training of the GSLS      
Career services for PhDs      

Candidates pass at least 8 EC in DI related courses and at least 4 EC in general courses. The Graduate programme committee selects the best students for the PI rotation. If certain requirements are met, financial thesis support is available.