Training Programme

Please also read the comments below this table for more information on your TSA

Name of the activityFrequencyCreditsOrganizing entity
Introduction course GSLS*Five/year0.3GSLS
Introduction for GSLS PhD candidates (10 lunch sessions)*multiple times a year 0.5GSLS
DI Core Courses and Activities   
DI Introduction course *
Includes workshop Cross Cultural Communication
Once yearly0.3UIPS
Start to Teach course (3 day course)*four times a year0.6UIPS
UIPS Symposium Biannually0.3UIPS
Science for Life Symposium Annually0.3S4L
Dutch Medicines Days Annually0.3 FIGON
PhD retreatOnce yearly0.3UIPS
Pizza meetingsBimonthly0.1UIPS
International Seminar ProgrammeBimonthly1 for 8UIPS
Active participation in >65% of research group progress meetings (can be claimed only once!)Weekly1.5 for 4 yearsUIPS

Presentation (oral/poster) at (inter)national scientific meeting

Please note, this is not a DI specific nor general educational activity! 

 0.3 for attending and 0.5 when also presenting a poster or oral presentation.
The max EC that can be earned by conferences/symposia that count for your TSA is 4 EC.
* compulsory   
DI In-depth Courses   
Advanced Pharmacology DI-411 in Osiris  Once yearly7.5UIPS
Advanced Organic Synthesis SK-MOSS in OsirisOnce yearly7.5UIPS/Debye
Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics (Online course October 2020 )Once yearly3UIPS/Bijvoet
Intro to Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists (UBC course list)Once yearly3UIPS/Bijvoet/IBB/UMCU
Advanced Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting (ADDDT course)Once yearly2UIPS/GUIDE/LACDR
Design of Anti-Infective Drugs DI-FA-422 in Osiris  Once yearly6UIPS
DI Summer schools (   
Future Medicines: Gene and Cell TherapiesOnce yearly1.5UIPS
Exploring Nature’s Molecular MachinesOnce yearly3.0Bijvoet/UIPS
NanomedicineOnce yearly1.5UMCU/UIPS
Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug SafetyOnce yearly1.5UIPS
Pharmaceutical Policy AnalysisOnce yearly1.5UIPS/WHO
PharmacoeconomicsUnknown frequency1.5UIPS
Regenerative MedicineOnce yearly1.5UMCU
Advanced in vitro ModelsOnce yearly1.5UMCU
Other DI related courses   
Chemical Design & Discovery (icdd2019/) 3Nijmegen CMLS
FIGON course overview  VariableFIGON
Paul Janssen Futurelab VariableLeiden
Laboratory Animal ScienceMore than once yearlyVariableUU
Statistics, Epidemiology, Clinical coursesSee (phd-course-centre)VariableGSLS
Introduction to R for Life SciencesSelf study version (even periods) and classroom version (odd periods)3GSLS/UBC
Introduction to Python for Life SciencesSelf study version (even periods) and classroom version (odd periods)3GSLS/UBC

Multiple Bioinformatics courses available at the PhD course center

- Introduction to the command line (linux) (1.5 EC)
- Introduction to research datamanagement (SQL and databases) (3EC)
- Bring your own data: ( 1.5 EC) multiple topics e.g. creating figures in R using GGPlot, creating figures in Python, R-coding for RNA-seq data)

multiple times a year1.5 - 3GSLS/UBC
General courses and activities and conferences   
Symposia and Conferences (A maximum of 4 EC in total can be claimed).When presenting a poster or an oral 
0.5 EC will be awarded, else 0.3 EC
0.3 or 0.5  per symposium/conference 
See PhD course centre GSLS   
Career services for PhDs   
Participation in the PhD council or UIPS PhD Committee 1 to 3 EC depending on duration after agreement with the PhD coordinator1 - 3 ECUIPS
  • Candidates pass at least 8 EC in DI related courses and at least 4 EC in courses from the PhD course centre GSLS. 
  • You are adviced to follow as many courses as possible at the PhD course centre. Courses attended outside UIPS and the PhD Course Center (PCC) can be costly and might not be funded via the DI programme. Please check with the coordinator first if financial compensation is still available.
  • If certain requirements are met, such as a completed TSA after 4 years with >20 EC, financial thesis support is available.  Aks the coordinator for more information.
  • The table above is not exhaustive. If you expect to attend or participate in an activity that will allow you to 'earn' ECs, please contact the coordinator to discuss whether this is possible and how many ECs can be awarded.
  • Once you have made a first draft of your TSA, please send it to the PhD Coordinator before uploading to MyPhD