Procedures and Forms

Every PhD candidate has to fill out form 1 (see Doctoral Degree Regulations Utrecht University) and a TSA (see TSA: Training and Supervision Agreement).

Further information:

PhD studies at Utrecht University (general information)
Doctoral Degree Regulations Utrecht University
PhD programmes of the Graduate School of Life Sciences
TSA: Training and Supervision Agreement 
What to do when you want to take a course (pdf)
Adjustment of TSA (pdf)
Application form GS-LS certificate for PhD candidates DI (doc)

In general, collaboration between (daily) supervisor and PhD candidates is satisfactory. An annual PhD progress meeting is crucial. In exceptional cases, the relationship may become disturbed to such an extent that advise/help of an outside party is needed. The members of the Supervisory Committee, assigned to each PhD candidate as of 2013 may serve this function. In addition, depending on the nature of the conflict, the PhD candidate may contact the coordinator ( Bas van Breukelen), the PhD mentor (dr. Ed Moret), or the director of the PhD programme (prof.dr. Roos Masereeuw). In case of severe conflicts where mediation of those mentioned above does not result in resolution of the problem the PhD candidate may consult the faculty PhD-confidants.