Pathways to Sustainability Award

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At Pathways to Sustainability we believe that best practices should be recognised and rewarded. Starting this year, we therefore launch a special Award for transdisciplinary research projects that are combining the strengths of Utrecht University research with the agendas of external stakeholders for the benefit of a sustainable future for all.

The laureate project of the very first Pathways to Sustainability Award will be announced at the Pathways to Sustainability conference on 5 March 2020. Besides the honour and recognition, this prize comes with €2500,- to further invest in the project or its follow-up.

Criteria and selection process

Research projects that could be nominated should include at least one scholar from Utrecht University. The project should be running at the moment of submission, or have been running in the year 2019. Furthermore, the winning project will meet the following criteria:

  1. Interdisciplinary in nature: the project engages researchers across multiple disciplines or has done so in 2019;
  2. Involving co-creation: the agenda and/or activities have been co-created with researchers and external stakeholder(s);
  3. Leading to societal impact: the project addresses a societal sustainability challenge resulting in a direct impact on society, or has done so in 2019.

A jury consisting of (international) board members of Pathways to Sustainability will select the three best projects. These three projects will be proudly profiled at the Pathways to Sustainability website and on other online channels. The final winning project will be chosen from the three shortlisted projects by public vote at the Pathways to Sustainability conference on 5 March 2020.

If you have a question, please send us an e-mail.

Top three

On 19 February, NATURVATION, Smart Solar Charging, and SustaIndus were selected by the jury as the three best transdisciplinary research projects at Utrecht University.


With a heartfelt pitch on why nature-based solutions benefit cities with cooling and watermanagement, Dr Helen Toxopeus from the Utrecht University School of Economics, won the Pathways to Sustainability Award 2020 for all her colleagues in the NATURVATION project. The three nominated projects pitched their projects to the participants of the Pathways to Sustainability conference on 5 March. After that, the winner was chosen by public vote.

Helen Toxopeus with Pathways to Sustainability Award 2020
Helen Toxopeus holds the Pathways to Sustainability Award 2020, together with Anton Pijpers, President of the Executive Board of Utrecht University. The other nominees are seen left and right.