18 September 2019
What do you do when an invasive but very pretty plant with pink flowers takes over? For her PhD at Utrecht University Jetske Vaas investigated.
Foto: hroe via iStock
11 September 2019
Utrecht University researchers Julian Kirchherr and Ralf van Santen have identified five barriers in putting circular economy research into practice.
9 September 2019
Utrecht research will contribute in developing fungus-based bricks that make building materials more sustainable and self-repairing.
Zandzakken tegen overstroming van een straat in Praag
9 September 2019
Romy Brockhoff wrote a bachelor thesis on the governance arrangements for rain induced floods in Utrecht.
9 September 2019
Biodiversity is a topic that comes up very frequently, and with very good reason!
Vlag faculteiten
6 September 2019
Seven projects received a Partnership Collaboration Award. These awards are an initiative of the University of Sydney and Utrecht University.
Ole Pedersen
5 September 2019
Utrecht scientists have discovered how plants can quickly detect that they are under water when flooded and initiate processes that prevents them from drowning.
4 September 2019
In a publication in Science Advances, the researchers show a large regional difference between melt in North and South Greenland.
4 September 2019
To support newly emerging topics, research themes and impact events, different objectives are eligible for funding through the Acceleration Grant Scheme.
Boorplatform op meer van Ohrid
4 September 2019
Through a deep drilling campaign at Lake Ohrid an international team including Utrecht University has reconstructed 1.4 million years of climate in detail.