Financing Biodiversity

earth, money and flowers

Biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate worldwide and the imperative for action has never been more pressing. The financial sector can potentially combat this decline and drive sustainable transitions within important industries, such as food, energy and infrastructure. The research team behind ‘Financing biodiversity’ is taking on the challenge to help Dutch institutional investors upscale their nature-positive investments, paving the way for a more sustainable future.  

Pension funds

In the Dutch financial sector, pension funds are, with their substantial assets under management and long-term focus, uniquely positioned to address biodiversity concerns. Although institutional investors are increasingly focusing on aligning investment portfolios with biodiversity targets, the integration of sustainable practices within both the business and financial sectors remains a major challenge. 


Through active engagement with selected pension funds the team will work towards transformative solutions that can be further used within the financial sector. 

Incubator phase

The research team has used their incubator funding to create a comprehensive guide for possibilities to connect biodiversity and the financial sector. Interviews with external stakeholders led to insight into the current status and existing tools for biodiversity monitoring. More connection was made at the Biodiversity Finance Event in November 2023, where 120 finance professionals discussed the options for preventing biodiversity loss. Key takeaways from this event are the need for active engagement with decision makers, built-up of a coalition, perseverance, and embracement of free tools for boosting biodiversity finance efforts. 


Non-UU partners