Signature Project Grants

The Signature Project Grant is our instrument to spur radical innovation in university practices with the aim of enhancing our impact. Signature Projects are challenge-based, interdisciplinary in nature (preferably cross-community) and directed at fostering the radical innovation that PtS seeks to achieve. PtS encourages out-of-the-box thinking as to the aims and format of, and collaboration within, such projects. We particularly invite projects and collaborations that are new and/or difficult to get funded via other channels, for instance because of their exploratory or experimental nature.

We aim to stimulate an open and inclusive design process in which initial ideas may develop in new directions with the input and integration of various types of expertise. At PtS, we believe that such an open process is key to transformative learning.

Application deadline 2 April 2024 (only for Incubator Grants recipients)
Gallery with Funded Signature Projects

The application procedure

The application procedure takes place in stages, and is further described in this document.

Firstly, interdisciplinary groups have the opportunity to apply for an Incubator Grant (up to 8k for a period of maximum 12 months). The Incubator Grant may, among other things, be used to further develop and grow the project idea and its team and to work towards its implementation.

Groups who have been successful in obtaining an Incubator Grant may prepare applications for the second-stage, the more substantial Signature Project Grant (50-150k for a period of maximum 24 months). The process of an Incubator Grant becoming a Signature Project Grant is not automatic. Should the Incubator phase prove fruitful, the team (or part of) may decide to apply for a Signature Project Grant, either after 6 or 12 months.

The deadlines for submission and application form are listed below. Please note, that a team's choice for applying to either of the deadlines (6 months or 1 year) does not affect their chances of getting their proposal granted. 

Timeline Pathways to Sustainability Incubator and Signature Project Grants