The Transactional State

In open democracies, the State ultimately demarks the ever-shifting line between the ‘public’ and ‘private’ due to its evolving transactional habits. This open project aims to research the State as an institution for good.

Vertrouwen burger in de overheid
Building of the Dutch Government in The Hague

Transactions such as selling and buying property, contracting market parties or by engaging in more structural public-private cooperation. The state has a choice to either perform public tasks itself or letting the market do its work. 
All this leads to the fundamental question how can we best position the State as an institution that positively - instead of negatively - influences the ‘good’ in society through these transactions. The State’s transactions with society are researched in an academic interdisciplinary manner in conjunction with real world practical viewpoints.

The platform brings together research, educational and societal activities that focus on why, when, and how the State acts in light of a multidimensional concept of ‘just’, thereby integrating social and sustainable perspectives, and how to future-proof its role to achieve a resilient and open society that upholds the rule of law.

As an open project, it brings together a wide range of researchers from different disciplines. All UU scholars interested in this project are very welcome to join this platform. We also welcome collaboration from abroad, other universities and societal actors. Researchers are encouraged to propose research projects, grant applications, develop educational or impact activities, falling within the scope of the platform.


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