Dr. S. (Sergio) Espana Cubillo

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
Kamer BBL584
3584 CC Utrecht

Dr. S. (Sergio) Espana Cubillo

Assistant Professor
Software Production
+31 30 253 4109

Sergio España is an assistant professor in Utrecht University, where he teaches in the Bachelor in Information Science (Informatiekunde) and in the Master in Business Informatics. He is currently enjoying a 2-year research sabattical in Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Spain). He is member of the Software Production research group (website), where he leads the Software for Organisational Responsibility research line. PhD in Computer Science (2011) from Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Spain), where he formerly led the research group on Organisational Modelling and Requirements Engineering of the PROS Research Centre. His has participated in international research projects (e.g. ITEA2 UsiXML, FP7 CaaS). He has published in relevant requirements engineering (RE) and conceptual modelling conferences and journals (e.g. RE, ER, CAiSE, INTERACT, ICT4S, J.UCS, Informatik-Spektrum, BISE, IST, Inf. Syst.). Chair of the programme committee (PC) of RCIS 2016, PoEM 2015, CLEI Software Engineering Symposium (2014, 2013), and PC member of international conferences and workshops (e.g. ICT4S, CAiSE, HWID, ONTOSE, VORTE). He has taught BSc. and MSc. courses in several universities around the world (Netherlands, Spain, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia), as well as industry-oriented workshops. His main research interest lies on the software needed by organisations that want to improve their business ethics and sustainability (e.g. social enterprises). Other competences are information systems analysis, model-driven development, conceptual modelling, RE, business process modelling, human-computer interaction, empirical software engineering. He is co-author of Communication Analysis, an information systems RE method that can be applied stand-alone or within a model-driven development framework. Member of the Spanish Network of Alternative and Solidarity Economy (REAS), of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG, Utrecht local charter), and occasional collaborator of other networks of responsible enterprises. Member of the of the Advisory Committee on Social Balance of the Catalan Network of Solidarity Economy (XES). Member of the Supervisory Board of the foundation Refugee Wellbeing and Integration Initiative.

More information in the Software for organisational responsibility webpage.

He is a co-applicant in a collaborative research project on how facilitative ecosystems boost social and community-driven entrepreneurship for the transition to an inclusive and sustainable society. The SCENTISS project (2023-2027) is funded by the Dutch Research Council's research programme Mission-driven innovation in a regional context, under grant agreement KICH1.MV01.20.018