Would you like to exchange thoughts on possible cooperation with us, on a research proposal or a contribution to one of our research areas? Do not hesitate to contact us via:

Wittevrouwenstraat 7bis
3512BS Utrecht
Tel. (030) 253 1416

Wittevrouwenstraat 7bis


Wittevrouwenstraat 7bis, 3512 CS Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 30 253 62 00 (front desk)

The building is only accessible with a campus card.

The university premises are smoke-free.

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Opening hours

Mon 8:00-19:30
Tue 8:00-19:30
Wed 8:00-19:30
Thu 8:00-19:30
Fri 8:00-17:30
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

In this building

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Institutions for Open Societies
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