About Gender and Diversity

Empowering under-represented groups and combating stereotyping

The Gender, Diversity and Global Justice platform provides a demand-driven network that focuses on analyzing and solving gender and diversity issues as put forward by our societal partners. As such, it provides a meeting ground for both researchers and stakeholders, to exchange and enhance their expertise across disciplines, to share and develop best practices and to put possible solutions to the test with a view to truly contributing to the empowerment of under-represented groups in society and to combating stereotyping.

The Gender, Diversity and Global Justice platform brings together the wide and exceptional expertise on gender and diversity that is available at Utrecht University. We are in a unique position to address the growing need for collaboration between interdisciplinary research and societal partners.

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A seven-headed monster

We think of inequality and exclusion as a seven-headed monster: there are multiple mechanisms that keep inequality in its place and only by understanding the monster as a whole will we be able to slay it. This multidisciplinary clustering of gender and diversity researchers allows for taking into account the whole institutional system that causes exclusion and discrimination, rather than only parts. This is unique in the Netherlands as well as the global scientific community.

What makes us different?

Utrecht University has an outstanding group of researchers from various disciplines – including amongst others humanities, social sciences, law, public administration and economics - that work together specifically on gender equality and diversity issues.

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