Marielle Zill
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Marielle Zill is a PhD-candidate in Urban Geography in the Human Geography and Planning Department of Utrecht University. She joined the department as a PhD-student in September 2015. Her PhD research is funded through the NWO Research Talent program and carries the title: "From centres of exclusion to cities of inclusion: Encounters, knowledge exchange and (un)familiarity between asylum seekers and neighbourhood residents". Before applying for her PhD, she completed the research master 'Human Geography and Planning' at Utrecht University with honors.

Together with Dr. Ilse van Liempt she initiated the 'Gender and Geography Reading Group', which holds monthly meetings in the Academiegebouw.

Her research interests include encounters, difference, neighbourhoods, migration and gender.

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  2017 - Other output
Bolt, G.S., Beneker, T., van Liempt, I.C., Visser, K., Zill, M.O., van Driel, J. (Jan), Mike, Raco, & Tasan-Kok, Tuna (27.02.2017). European Policy Brief. The Assets of Urban Diversity. (8 p.).
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