Milica Trakilovic MA
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Milica Trakilovic is a PhD student in the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University and she teaches in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at UU; primarily in the Gender Studies and Postcolonial Studies minors. She is also Research Assistant at the European University Institute in Florence, in the ERC project Bodies Across Borders: Oral and Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond ( Her research interests focus on visual culture, feminist art, postcolonial configurations and postsocialist transitions, which are consolidated in studying art as a border-crossing practice in Europe.


Involved in the following study programme(s)
Scientific expertise
postsocialist transitions
visual culture
feminist art history
(post-)Yugoslav transitions
migration in/to Europe
oral history
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All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Trakilovic, M. (30.08.2016) Invited speaker Noise Summer School 2016 Utrecht (29.08.2016 - 02.09.2016)
Trakilovic, M. (10.08.2016). Passing through: negotiating identity, sexuality and movement in Ahmed Imamovic’s Go West. Transnational Cinemas, 7 (2), (pp. 183-195) (13 p.).
  2016 - Other output
Trakilovic, M. (22.04.2016). Speaking to/from Europe - Understanding Discourses on Postcolonial Europe.
M. Trakilovic (22.04.2016) Speaking to/from Europe; Understanding Discourses on Postcolonial Europe
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Trakilovic, M. (2015). “The Other Within” - Challenging Borders from the European Periphery. In Sandra Ponzanesi & Gianmaria Colpani (Eds.), Postcolonial Transitions in Europe - Contexts, Practices and Politics (pp. 211-230) (19 p.). Rowman & Lifflefield.
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Currently Milica Trakilovic MA teaches the following course(s):
VR3V12002 Vro-Visuality and Technology V 3 7.5
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