String Seminar Archive: 2022-2023

The string theory group holds seminars on a near weekly basis during the semester. Archived on this page are the seminars given during the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Semester II seminars

Quantum fields in compact stars

Ignacio Reyes, University of Amsterdam
January 12

    Exploring the Phase Diagram of V-QCD with Neutron Star Merger Simulations

    Christian Ecker, Goethe University Frankfurt
    January 19

    The conformal Carrollian scalar and its use in flat holography

    Simon Pekar, University of Mons
    January 26

    Emergent strings at infinite distance with broken supersymmetry

    Ivano Basile, LMU & MPI Muenchen
    February 2

    On the fate of quantum and gravity in quantum gravity

    Ibra Akal, Utrecht University 
    February 9

    Heterotic de Sitter Beyond Modular Symmetry

    Alexander Westphal, DESY
    February 16

    de Sitter space and braneworld holography

    Juan Pedraza, IFT - Madrid
    February 23

    Machine code of holography

    Umut Gürsoy, Utrecht University 
    March 9

    A counterexample to the CFT convexity conjecture

    Masataka Watanabe, University of Amsterdam
    March 23

    String theory scalar potentials and their critical points

    David Andriot, LAPTH - Annecy 
    March 30

    Moduli-dependent Species Scale and the Distance Conjecture

    Damian van de Heisteeg, Harvard University 
    March 31

    Berry phases, wormholes and factorization in AdS/CFT

    Johanna Erdmenger, University of Würzburg  
    April 13

    The Dark Dimension

    Georges Obied, Oxford University
    May 4

    Counting curves on non-Kaehler Calabi-Yau 3-folds with Topological Strings

    Thorsten Schimannek, CNRS LPTHE
    May 10 

    SymTFTs and Duality Defects from 6d SCFTs on 4-manifolds

    Babak Haghighat, Tsinghua University
    May 25 

    Open-Moduli Infinite-Distance Limits in Six-Dimensional F-Theory

    Rafael Álvarez-García, Hamburg University
    June 8

    From shockwaves to the gravitational memory effect

    Temple He, Caltech
    July 4

    Semester I seminars

    Quantum field theory and deep neural networks

    Ro Jefferson, Utrecht University
    October 20

      Infinite Distances and Factorization

      John Stout, Harvard University
      October 21

      Bounds on quantum evolution complexity via lattice cryptography

      Ben Craps, Vrije Universiteit Brussels
      November 10

      Hydrodynamisation in holography with dynamical boundary gravity

      Wilke van der Schee, Utrecht University
      November 17

      The dark dimension in a warped throat

      Adriana Makridou, Max Planck Institut Muenchen
      November 24

      Partial deconfinement 

      Jack Holden, University of Southampton
      December 8