String Theory Seminar

The string theory group holds seminars on a near weekly basis during the semester. Speakers are invited to the ITP to give a talk based on their current research.

The talks are held in a 30+45 minute format. The first 30 minutes are an informal introduction to the topic, aimed at masters and PhD students, to provide context to those who are not active researchers in the field. The seminar talk itself comprises the remaining 45 minutes.ย 

Practical information


15.30 - 17.00 hours


Buys Ballot Building, room 7.12



Future seminars

This weeks seminar

Partial deconfinementย 

Jack Holden, University of Southampton
December 8

    Past seminars

    Quantum field theory and deep neural networks

    Ro Jefferson, Utrecht University
    October 20

      Infinite Distances and Factorization

      John Stout, Harvard University
      October 21

      Bounds on quantum evolution complexity via lattice cryptography

      Ben Craps, Vrije Universiteit Brussels
      November 10

      Hydrodynamisation in holography with dynamical boundary gravity

      Wilke van der Schee, Utrecht University
      November 17

      The dark dimension in a warped throat

      Adriana Makridou, Max Planck Institut Muenchen
      November 24