Nico van Kampen Colloquium in Theoretical Physics


Time: 16h00-17h00

Schedule 2022-2023 Nico van Kampen Colloquium   
Colloquia will be in a hybrid or virtual format (on MS Teams or Starleaf) and will begin at 4pm, unless stated differently.

2022-2023 SEMESTER I

1. Sep 14, W37, host: Cristiane Morais Smith; Speaker: Gerard 't Hooft; Location: BOL 1.206 and V-ITP MS Teams

2. Sep 28, W39, host: Lars Fritz; speaker: Jonah Waissman (Hebrew Univeristy, Jerusalem), Location: V-ITP MS Teams

3. Oct 12, W41, host: Eric Plauschinn; speaker: Thomas van Riet (KU Leuven); Location: BOL 1.206 and/or V-ITP MS Teams

Oct 14: SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM [Celebration of the 75th birhtday of Gerard `t Hooft]: Frank Wilczek, EDUCATORIUM-THEATRON 

4. Oct 26, W43, host: Nora Elisa Chisari; speaker: Dr. Tessa Baker (Queen Mary University of London), Location: BOL 1.206 and/or V-ITP MS Teams

Nov 09, W45: EXAM WEEK

Second period begins on Monday 14 November 2022 (week 46)

5. Nov 23, W47, host: Rembert Duine; speaker: Henk Stoof (ITP, UU), Location: Ruppert ROOD and V-ITP MS Teams 

Sinterklaas (Dec 5)

6. Dec 07, W49, host: Gerard 't Hooft; speaker: Astrid Eichhorn (University of Southern Denmark), Location: V-ITP MS Teams 

7. Dec 21, W51, host: Farshid Jafarpour ; speaker: , Location: Ruppert ROOD and/or V-ITP MS Teams 

December 25-26 : Christmas Day [Kerstdag]

Winter break: Monday 26 December -- Friday 6 January (week 52 en week 1)


8. Jan 18, W03, host: Thomas Grimm ; speaker: , Location: Ruppert ROOD and/or V-ITP MS Teams 

Physics@Veldhoven takes place on 25 and 26 January 2022 (week 4). 

Jan 29 - Feb 5: EXAM WEEK (week 5)


Third period begins: Monday 6 February 2023 (week 6)

9. Feb 15, W07, host: Joost de Graaf, speaker: Randy (Randall) Kamien; Location: 

10. Mar 1, W09, host: Dirk Shuricht; speaker: Andreas Klümper (Wuppertal University), Location: 

11. Mar 15, W11, host: Eric Laenen; speaker: Michael Borinsky (ETH Zurich), Location: 

12. Mar 29, W13, host: Umut Gursoy and Gerard `t Hooft; speaker: Sabine Hosenfelder, Location: 

13. Apr 12, W15, host: Stefan Vandoren; speaker: , Location: 

Good Friday [Goede Vrijdag] (07 April), Easter [Pasen] (09 and 10 April)

14. Apr 26, W17, NO COLLOQUIUM (King’s Day)

Fourth period begins: Monday 24 April 2023 (week 17)

King’s Day [Koningsdag] (April 27); Liberation Day [Bevrijdingsdag] (5 May)

15. May 10, W19, host: New Faculty (particle physics); speaker: , Location: 

Ascension Day [Hemelvaart] (18 May)

16. May 24, W21, host: Tanja Hinderer; speaker: , Location:

Whitsun [Pinksteren] (28 May)

17. Jun 07, W23, host: Bela Mulder and Rene van Roij ; speaker: ; Location: 

18. Jun 21, W25, host: Tomislav Prokopec; speaker: Lavinia Heisenberg (ETH Zurich and Heidelberg); Location:


Until further notice the Nico van Kampen Colloquium is held online via MS Teams or occasionally via Zoom. If you are not a member of the V-ITP Team, subscribe to the mailing list to receive the links.


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Note that according to the rules, students are required to attend 18 colloquia to complete the course.
Furthermore, supervisors in the second year should write colloquium attendance as student’s (bi-)weekly activity.