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Staff positions

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Postdoc positions

  • The String Theory group at ITP hires several new postdocs annually. Positions are available through the centralised European PostDoc database, where you can indicate your research field of interest and your preference for a position in Utrecht. Positions usually open up in autumn and are filled in January. Starting dates are flexible, but are generally around September. This year there are openings available in the groups of Thomas Grimm, Umut Gursoy and Wilke van der Schee. 

    The application can be found at the following link:

  • The Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) at Utrecht University is currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher at the interface of theoretical advances in relativistic hydrodynamics with gravitational waves from neutron star binaries. You are going to work in the group of Tanja Hinderer and become member of the interdisciplinary Dutch consortium ‘Probing the phase diagram of quantum chromodynamics’. This is a collaboration of Utrecht University (Profs. Gürsoy, van den Broeck, Snellings, Christakoglou), the University of Amsterdam (Profs. Watts, Nissanke, Mösta) and the University of Groningen (Dr Even).

    In this position you will focus your work on the development of an overarching theoretical framework for relativistic (magneto-)hydrodynamics of dissipative multi-fluid systems. You will include sufficient complexity to encompass a range of physical effects and study consequences for gravitational waves from neutron star binary inspirals.

    The application can be found at the the following link: 

PhD positions

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