PhD programme

The PhD programme of the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science aims at the highest level of education for its PhD candidates.

The PhD programme is part of Utrecht University's Graduate School of Natural Science. The basis for the programme is an individual training and supervision agreement which the PhD candidate and the supervisor develop together. It outlines the PhD candidate's study programme, a complete description of the research programme, and participation in the teaching programme of the University.

Our educational programme includes institutional activities such as colloquia, lectures and lecture series, and the bi-annual Spring School as well as courses offered by the Graduate School.

Cover picture of the post graduate research project book 2021
Postgraduate Research Projects 2021

For more information on the research conducted at the Debye institute, download the book Post Graduate Research Projects 2021.

For more information of the PhD programme at Utrecht University, go to doing a PhD at Utrecht University.