Debye PhD Committee (DAC)

The PhD Committee of the Debye Institute (DAC) represents and attends the interests of the PhD candidates and postdocs working within the Debye Institute.

Each research group is represented by at least one PhD candidate. The DAC's main goal is to unite the six research groups by organising activities and events such as the biannual Do! Days, the Debye Sports Day, and the social programme during the Spring School. DAC members regularly meet with the Debye board to discuss issues that concern PhD candidates within the institute.

Additionally, the DAC publishes the institute's Postgraduate Research Projects booklet, containing short descriptions of all postgraduate research in the Debye Institute. Download this year's booklet here.

DAC representatives
Condensed Matter and Interfaces

Annelies van der Bok

Physical and Colloid Chemistry

Faranaaz Rogier

Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

Nynke Krans, Silvia Zanoni

Organic Chemistry and Catalysis

Emily Monkcom


Jeroen Bosch

Soft Condensed Matter & Biophysics

Douglas Hayden