Debye Ontmoetingsdagen (DO!) Days

The Deybe Ontmoetingsdagen (DO! Days) are part of the PhD educational program of the Debye Institute. Besides improving knowledge about the institute's research topics, both events aim at bringing together the PhD candidates who work in the different sections of the institute.

The DO! days are organized by the Debye PhD Committee (DAC). Its programme consists of talks by PhD candidates from the institute and an excursion to an industrial plant. The DO! Days are organized every other year.

DO! Days 2023

On April 17 and 18, the Debye DO! Days took place in Utrecht and Amsterdam. It was an event where over 70 PhD candidates from the entire Debye Institute and the ISCC came together to connect with each other and with the industry.

The first day focused on the organizations within the institutes and talking to alumni about their career choices and the jobs they landed outside of academia. The second day offered a variety of workshops, from learning to write reproducible code to building a roadmap to a career you love.

The DO! Days were closed with a visit to various companies and research institutes in the Amsterdam Science park.

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