Debye Spring School and DO! Days

The Debye Spring School and DO! Days are part of the educational programme of the Debye Institute. Besides improving knowledge about the institute's research topics, both events aim at bringing together the PhD candidates who work in the different sections of the institute. The Spring School and DO! Days are organised on a yearly basis, alternating between the two.

Debye Spring School

The Spring School's three-day programme focuses on a specific topic in nanomaterials science, with lectures by renowned scientists from both universities and industry. 

The next Spring School will have the theme Microscopy. The school will cover the various techniques of microscopy that are used in the institute as well as topics such as image processing, data management and machine learning. Lectures will be given by renowned (international) scientists as well as scientific staff members from our own Debye Institute.

Debye Spring School CANCELLED due to COVID-19

Debye DO! Days

The DO! days are organized by the Debye PhD Committee (DAC). Its programme consists of talks by PhD candidates from the institute and an excursion to an industrial plant.