The Debye Visiting Chair is a three-month chair for an eminent scientist in the field of Catalysis, Colloids or Nanophotonics.  As part of their tenure at the Debye Institute, the visiting professor gives six lectures and a colloquium.

Professor Peng Chen
Professor Peng Chen

The 2017 Debye Visiting Chair is Professor Peng Chen. Professor Chen is Peter J.W. Debye Professor of Chemistry at Cornell University's department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Professor Chen's group develops and applies single-molecule approaches to interrogate and understand the function and dynamics of nanomaterials and biomacromolecules, with the goal of acquiring fundamental chemical knowledge for developing better strategies for energy conversion as well as for curing and preventing diseases.

Previous Debye Visiting Chairs:

2016 - Professor Otto Muskens

2015 - Professor Roberto Piazza 

2014 - Professor Miquel Costas 

2013 - Professor Daniel Gamelin 

2012 - Professor Christophe Delerue  

2009 - Professor David Pine