Testimonial Rosemarie Buikema

Professor of Art, Culture and Diversity

Portret Rosemarie Buikema

In the middle of the university

Rosemarie Buikema: “As an academic and researcher in the field of Gender Studies, you are actually always involved in an interdisciplinary approach. Because of the institutionalised collaborations of Utrecht University, I really am at the heart of the organisation. I currently lead the hub Gender & Diversity together with Linda Senden of the School of Law and Belle Derks of Social and Behavioural Sciences. In the hub we collaborate in an interdisciplinary team with national and international partners to investigate how our research can contribute to a more inclusive society.”

“I can realise my ambitions here.”

Realising ambitions

“In the field of Gender Studies, we're among the pioneers in Europe. Over the past 30 years, we have focused on designing a teaching and research infrastructure for the field. As an academic, Utrecht University gives me many opportunities in this field. This allows me to do what I think is important for the implementation of our field. Both in the fields of education and research, I can realise my ambitions here. In order to achieve that, it is often a matter of having specialist knowledge, strategic insight and the right arguments, as you would expect from a university.”