Testimonial Reinout Raijmakers

Team Leader Research Support Office at the Faculty of Science

Portret Reinout Raijmakers

Plenty of opportunities

Reinout Raijmakers: “I'm in charge of six research support officers at the Faculty of Science. We support researchers within our faculty in obtaining funding for their research. When I started working at Utrecht University as an academic fourteen years ago, I never thought I'd still be working here now – certainly not in this position. But I like it very much. The academic world is young and dynamic and provides many job opportunities: from scientific to supporting jobs. There is also much attention for the further development of employees.”

“During the training programme for supervisors I learned things that I still apply on a daily basis.”

Network of supervisors

“I'm not a supervisor by nature. When I just started this position, I had some struggles with that: what are good ways to deal with something? Then I ws given the opportunity to join a training programme for supervisors in supporting positions within our university.

“For two years, I attended sessions in the field of supervising. I learned things there that I still apply in my work on a daily or weekly basis. Perhaps more importantly: during the programme, I met other people with similar positions within the university. I now have a network of people that can help me whenever I run into somehting.”