Assessment and development interview

Obviously, the University must pay adequate attention to the efforts employees put into their work, as well as to the quality of work and its results. For this reason, performance and development interviews are conducted at least once a year. In addition to any daily contact between employee and manager, these interviews provide a setting in which to discuss both the current work situation and any professional opportunities and development ambitions for the near future.  


In the event of illness or other problems at home or at work, the University will remain in contact with the employee as much as possible. The University will openly discuss the possibilities for the employee to continue to work and, if necessary, will provide the professional services of a reintegration expert, company doctor and/or corporate social worker to facilitate this process. 

At Utrecht University, a confidential counsellor is available to support members of staff in situations when they need to talk to an independent person. The confidential counsellor is also able to mediate in case of a conflict.