The institute offers excellent academic education. Students may specialize in one of many topics or they may opt to get a broad grounding in mathematics.

The Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University has an international research reputation and houses the largest mathematics training programme in the Netherlands. As almost all core subjects are strongly represented the Institute can offer a broad teaching programme.


The institute offers the following Bachelor programmes in Dutch:

There is also an Honours programme.


The institute offers the following Masters programme in English:

The instute also participates in two other educational programmes:

If you want to know more about teacher training for mathematicians look at Eerstegraads programma SEC (2 jarig), Eerstegraads programma (1 jarig) and Tweedegraads via de zgn. Educatieve Minor.

Mastermath and WONDER

Several Dutch universities jointly offer a number of courses under the name Mastermath (Dutch Master programme in mathematics). The research school  WONDER , a joint venture of several mathematics departments, also offers a few courses.

Summer School

To get aquainted with the atmosphere in Utrecht you are invited to participate in one of the Utrecht Summer Schools, aimed at advanced bachelor students and beginning master students.
In 2016 we had a Summer School on  geometry.

Future prospects

We find mathematicians all over society. For a sample see succesformules (in Dutch).