The Mathematical Institute at Utrecht University covers a broad range of active areas of research. It aims to provide a stimulating research environment with ample opportunity for interaction between different fields through interdisciplinary research and education.

Discoveries in the sciences increasingly require sophisticated techniques from mathematics and this is reflected in our research themes.

The members of the institute represent almost all core areas of mathematics. This is reflected in the programmes for bachelors and masters that allow the student a wide choice. 

The Mathematical Institute also provides a thorough training for PhD students, and delivers independent researchers.



Our research is organized around two themes

Collaboration and contact

The mathematics research in Utrecht is part of the research focus `Foundations of Natural Sciences' of the Faculty of Science.

Het Mathematical Institute cooperates with other research groups of Utrecht University in the focus area Complex Systems.

The institute is a member of the research school WONDER. At the national level there is substantive cooperation in thematic clusters, such as GQT and NDNS+.


Contact: prof.dr. M.N. Crainic, Scientific director