Davide Alboresi
Advisor: Gil Cavalcanti
Research: Generalised complex geometry

Inan Ates
Advisor: Paul Zegeling

Arjen Baarsma
Advisor: Gil Cavalcanti
Research: Quaternionic Kähler geometry/generalised complex geometry

Felix Beckebanze
Advisors: Jason Frank and Leo Maas
Research: Numerical analysis and applications to internal waves

Francesco Cattafi
Advisor: Marius Crainic
Research: The geometry of partial differential equations

Xiu Chen
Advisor: Karma Dajani
Research: Fractal geometry and its applications

Panagiotis Christou
Advisor: Marius Crainic
Research: Poisson geometry

Peter Dawson
Advisor: Ieke Moerdijk
Research: Category theory and model structures

Thomas Gomez
Advisors: Jason Frank, Giulia Piccillo and Utz Weitzel
Research: The role of banks in a complex macroeconomic system

Wilfred de Graaf
Advisor: Odo Diekmann
Research: Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases

Ben Hansen
Advisor: Tobias Müller
Research: Percolation theory and random graphs

Andrei Iancu
Advisor: Frits Beukers
Research: A-hypergeometric functions

Sehar Iqbal
Advisor: Paul Zegeling
Research: Multiplicity and stability of stationary partial differential equation solutions

Dušan Joksimović
Advisor: Fabian Ziltener
Research: Existence of the leafwise fixed points

Ajinkya Kadu
Advisors: Tristan van Leeuwen, Joost Batenburg and Wim Mulder
Research: Discrete seismic tomography

Ralph Klaasse
Advisor: Gil Cavalcanti
Research: Seiberg-Witten theory for symplectic manifolds

Anna Kruseman
Advisors: Rob Bisseling, Nico van den Berg and Alessandro Sbrizzi
Research: Model-based reconstruction methods for fast quantitative MRI

Ties Laarakker
Advisor: Martijn Kool

Bart de Leeuw
Advisors: Svetlana Dubinkina and Jason Frank
Research: Geometric structure and data assimilation

Xin Liu
Advisor: Jason Frank
Research: Dynamics of complex economic systems

Nick Luiken
Advisor: Tristan van Leeuwen
Research: Uncertainty quantification in seismic imaging

Joost Nuiten
Advisor: Ieke Moerdijk
Research: Abstract homotopy theory

Pouyan Rezvani
Advisor: Jan Hogendijk
Research: The unpublished astrolabe texts of Abu'l-Rayhan Biruni (973–1046)

Markus Schepers
Advisor: Tobias Müller
Research: Stochastische grafen en percolatie

Hüseyin Sen
Advisor: Jan Hogendijk
Research: A scientific biography of Taqi al-Din ibn Ma'ruf (1526–1585)

Harry Smit
Advisor: Gunther Cornelissen
Research: Class field theory and analytic number theory

Lauran Toussaint
Advisor: Marius Crainic
Research: The relation between Poisson and contact geometry

Carlo Verschoor
Advisor: Frits Beukers
Research: The monodromy of A-hypergeometric functions

Roy Wang
Advisor: Marius Crainic
Research: Rigidity and normal forms in differential geometry

Hong Zhang
Advisor: Paul Zegeling
Research: Computation of non-monotone waves in extended Buckley-Leverett models

Han Zhou
Advisor: Paul Zegeling
Research: Numerical methods for partial differential equations

Photos by Gil Cavalcanti.