Recent alumni

This is an overview of former PhD students of the Mathematical Institute from the last 3-4 years.


Jack Davies
Title Thesis: Stable operations and topological modular forms
Supervisors: Ieke Moerdijk and Lennart Meier

Maarten Mol
Title Thesis: Hamiltonian actions of compact type from a Poisson point of view
Supervisor: Marius Crainic

Sergej Monavari
Title Thesis: Equivariant Enumerative Geometry and Donaldson-Thomas Theory
Supervisors: Carel Faber and Martijn Kool

Jetze Zoethout
Titel Thesis: Computability Models and Realizability Toposes
Supervisors: Ieke Moerdijk en Jaap van Oosten

Sjors Stouten
Titel Thesis: Mathematical modeling of radioresistance and radioleukemogenesis
Supervisors: Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel and Fieke Dekkers

Dominik Engl
Title Thesis: Variational analysis of multiscale problems with differential constraints
Supervisors: Carolin Kreisbeck and Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel

Xin Liu
Title Thesis: Numerical method and application of optimal control problem
Supervisor: Jason Frank


Bart de Leeuw
Title Thesis: On shadowing methods for data assimilation
Supervisors: Jason Frank and Svetlana Dubinkina

Luca Accornero
Title Thesis: Topics on Lie pseudogroups
Supervisor: Marius Crainic

Aldo Witte
Title Thesis: Between generalized complex and Poisson geometry
Supervisors: Marius Crainic and Gil Cavalcanti

Jan-Willem van Ittersum
Title Thesis: Partitions and quasimodular forms, Variations on the Bloch–Okounkov theorem
Supervisors: Gunther Cornelissen and Don Zagier

Nick Luiken
Title Thesis: Regularization of linear inverse problems
Supervisors: Rob Bisseling, Tristan van Leeuwen and Eric Verschuur

Carlo Verschoor
Title Thesis: Monodromy Properties of A-hypergeometric Functions
Supervisor: Frits Beukers


Dusan Joksimovic
Title Thesis: Locally uniform existence of leafwise fixed points for C0-small Hamiltonian flows & generating systems of symplectic capacities
Supervisors: Marius Crainic and Fabian Ziltener

Timo Kluck
Title Thesis: Dimensional & algorithmic reductions for Calogero-Ruijsenaars & Landau-Ginzburg models
Supervisors: Gunther Cornelissen, Ana Ros Camacho and Johan van de Leur

Harry Smit
Title Thesis: Relating Galois representations via L-series and dynamical systems
Supervisor: Gunther Cornelissen

Lauran Toussaint
Title Thesis: Contact Structures & Codimension-one Symplectic Foliations
Supervisor: Marius Crainic

Francesco Cattafi
Title Thesis: A general approach to almost structures in geometry
Supervisor: Marius Crainic

Sehar Iqbal
Title Thesis: Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with Parameter Dependence
Supervisors: Rob Bisseling and Paul Zegeling

Sangeetika Ruchi
Title Thesis: Parameter Estimation in Random Energy Systems using Data Assimilation
Supervisors: Jason Frank and Svetlana Dubinkina


Ajinkya Kadu
Title Thesis: Discrete Seismic Tomography
Supervisors: Jason Frank, Joost Batenburg, Wim Mulder and Tristan van Leeuwen

Felix Beckebanze
Title Thesis: Boundary layer dynamics of internal gravity waves
Supervisors: Jason Frank and Leo Maas

Arjen Baarsma
Title Thesis: Deformations and L∞-algebras of Fréchet type
Supervisors: Marius Crainic and Gil Cavalcanti

Ties Laarakker
Title Thesis: Universality in enumerative geometry and Vafa-Witten theory
Supervisors: Carel Faber and Martijn Kool

Pouyan Rezvani
Title Thesis: Two treatises on the astrolabe by Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Biruni (973-1048 A.D.)
Supervisor: Jan Hogendijk

Lasse Grimmelt
Title Thesis: Modern Applications of the Circle Method
Supervisors: Gunther Cornelissen and Damaris Schindler