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Utrecht University is proud of each and every one of its graduates, and alumni are an important part of Utrecht University's academic community. But where do they all end up? In this section, Illuster presents some major appointments from the last six months.

Hydrologist Niko Wanders’ “MultiDry project”

Multi-year droughts have become increasingly common in recent decades. The phenomenon is occurring all over the world, in places like Chile, South Africa, California as well as the Netherlands. Droughts have a negative impact in many areas, such as agriculture, drinking water, energy supply and ecosystems. In the case of multiyear droughts, these effects take decades to reverse. However, they are becoming more frequent and prolonged.

Prolonged droughts are fundamentally different from “normal” droughts. Assistant Professor Wanders’ ERC grant-winning research project aims to explore the complexities of multiyear droughts and identify their causes and impacts on vegetation, groundwater systems and human water consumption. The results will be presented to policymakers and water managers around the world to help them prepare for and minimise the effects of future droughts.

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