If we stop behaving like goldfish now, we might not have to live underwater in the future.

Rens van Tilburg
Rens van Tilburg
wrote the foreword. Director of the Sustainable Finance Lab
Ingrid Robeyns in deuropening

Should we be setting
limits on wealth?

Main story

As an ethicist, I feel it’s part of my job to speak out about injustice

Profielfoto van Ingrid Robeyns
Ingrid Robeyns
Professor of Institutional Ethics
Vier Blaschkamodellen op een rij

Glass treasures

The big picture

I used to organise parties for the kids at my secondary school. Sometimes we sold as many as 700 tickets. I still get a kick out of building something out of nothing.

Profielfoto van Sophie van Gool
Sophie van Gool
Independent economist and author of the book Waarom vrouwen minder verdienen (Why Women Earn Less)

We always compare ourselves to people ‘like us’, but oddly enough we always compare upwards, never downwards

Martijn Burger
Associate professor of the Economics of Happiness at the Open University

There’s also something paradoxical about money: there’s more than enough of it, but lots of people don’t have enough

Jan Beuving
is comedian, Alumnus of the Year in 2019 and regular columnist of Illuster.

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