Some of the visitors here at Tolakker, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine's teaching farm, are surprised that we're so respectful and passionate about the animals.

Leonie de Jongh - Vernooij, Coördinator onderwijsboerderij de Tolakker – Universiteit Utrecht, faculteit Diergeneeskunde
Leonie de Jongh - Vernooij
wrote the foreword. De Tolakker educational farm coordinator.
Een foto van Franck Meijboom en Lidwien Smit in een koeienstal

Healthy, sustainable

Main story

No one – including farmers – wants to return to the days of battery cages and widespread use of antibiotics

Profielfoto van Lidwien Smit
Lidwien Smit
Professor of One Health and Environmental Epidemiology
Marjolijn Vermande, Liesbeth Sterck

Monkeys and children display similar behaviour

Double interview

If I'm confident and I feel safe, the sky is the limit.

Janine Vos, Topvrouw van het Jaar 2021
Janine Vos
Female Executive of the Year

We tend to think of animals as four-legged health hazards

Foto van Franck Meijboom
Franck Meijboom
Associate Professor of Ethics of Human-Animal Interactions
Strandingsonderzoek bruinvissen

Beached: The inside of a porpoise

The big picture

Today, it's been almost two years since I ate meat. The transition was as gradual and easy as falling out of touch with your friends from university

Jan Beuving
Jan Beuving
is comedian, Alumnus of the Year in 2019 and regular columnist of Illuster.

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