Our university provides the foundation for an unbelievable quantity and variety of interpersonal relationships

Floor Peeters
Floor Peeters
wrote the foreword. She is editor-in-chief of Illuster
Catrin Finkenauer
‘Relationships are literally a matter of life and death’ Main story

It is important to always do a quick reality check: have I really understood what the other person wants from me?

Prof. Catrin Finkenauer
Professor of Youth Studies at Utrecht University
Bela en Sake Rypkema
Bela and Sake fell in love at Veritas Double interview

I was lucky to be able to learn a great deal everywhere I went

Desiree Majoor
Désirée Majoor
General Manager of Theater Kikker/Podium Hoge Woerd

The most eye-opening part of this pandemic was the mathematical modelling experts

Marc Bonten
Prof Marc Bonten
Professor of Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
Het Grote Plaatje
Roots for thought The big picture

Absurdity can exist only by the grace of reality itself

Jan Beuving
Jan Beuving
is comedian, Alumnus of the Year in 2019 and regular columnist of Illuster.
Plastic in oceanen
Plastic-free oceans Made possible

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