The big picture

Wazig beeld van een muzikaal optreden tijdens het Betweter Festival
Image: Ward Mevis

Sense of wonder

Bet-we-ter (Know-it-all), 1. Someone who wants to know more about everything; wise guy.

Every year the Betweter Festival brings a unique mix of talks, music, art, film, interactive installations and live scientific research to TivoliVredenburg. The festival is a great event for anyone who wants to know more about how the world works, likes to seek out new experiences and cultivate their sense of wonder. Researchers, artists and visitors engage with each other in a relaxed festival setting and ask the questions that matter, capture the spirit of our times, and dream about the world of tomorrow. This photo was taken during the sixth edition in 2022. Presenter Geert Maarse interviewed a large number of scientists in the Ronda room, accompanied by twenty highly talented musicians from The National Youth Jazz Orchestra. You can watch the aftermovie of the Betweterfestival 2023 at