Opportunities: pay them forward

Illustratie Paul Stamsijder

As an Utrecht University alumnus, you hopefully cherish many pleasant and lasting memories of those days. The alma mater has always been a meeting place for talented individuals who are unafraid to think beyond borders. A place to build up one’s store of not only academic knowledge but wisdom as well. Books are not the only source of learning.

When I first enrolled at the Faculty of Dutch Language and Literature in the 1980s, I had no idea of the opportunities the university would offer me. For me, the degree programme was not so much about language as it was about insight. And by the same token, the university was not so much about academic practice as it was about gaining opportunities.

Today, over thirty years later, I wish the latest generation of students at least as many opportunities as we found then. They’ll need them, because the possibilities have dwindled quite a bit. Interest in studying in Utrecht is greater than ever and there is less time to do so — to say nothing of the social pressure which exists today.

In that context, alumni can also do their part to help the current crop of bright young minds transcend borders. We hope you enjoy reading this future-themed edition of Illuster. We are creating tomorrow together!

Paul Stamsnijder

Communication Sciences alumnus, founder of De Reputatiegroep and board member Utrecht University Fund