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New knowledge is developing at a phenomenal rate. Your job undoubtedly requires knowledge that was not covered during your studies. Utrecht University’s Continuing Education programme provides the up-to-date knowledge and skills you need to remain permanently employable on the labour market, all based on the latest academic insights. From short courses to Master’s degrees, Utrecht University offers a wealth of opportunities for lifelong learning.

“You can always explore a subject in greater depth”

Foto van Mathijs Konings

Mathijs Konings (37) 
Degree programme: Design for virtual theater and games (HKU)
Position: Scientific Director for Poultry at Ceva Animal Health

Mathijs Konings has been an entrepreneur since his graduation. He works at Tover, which develops serious games for people with cognitive problems. A company with a social mission, in other words. This inspired him to take part in Utrecht University’s Social Entrepreneurship course.

Refresher courses really help you to identify your skill set and communicate ideas more effectively. Lifelong learning can help you push yourself and your team to the next level. You should never assume you’ve learned all there is to know, and you can always explore subjects in greater depth.

Why did you want to pursue further education at the university?
I was already an entrepreneur when I started this course. That meant I could immediately apply everything I learned in practice. The course was well-structured — you study the learning materials first and then get time to apply them. I also pass on a lot of the things I learnt during the course to others.

Connecting at a human level
At Tover, we always manage to connect on a human level. That creates a strong sense of mutual trust, which I also noticed during the course. You’re in a group with other entrepreneurs and there’s a really open atmosphere that makes it easier to discuss challenges, be vulnerable and ask for help. The curriculum isn’t limited to practical knowledge and taps into a deeper shared human experience.


Illustratie van verder ontwikkelen
Image: Aad Goudappel

Traditional and social media training for the public sector (Dutch)

START: Spring of 2023
DURATION: 4 fortnightly meetings on Fridays
COST: €2,500

Public sector professionals have to deal with the media o n a regular basis. For example, they may have to answer questions about energy transition measures, the opening of a new asylum seekers’ centre o r the roll-out of an infrastructure project. With major interests at stake, emotions can run high and the associated societal risks

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Professionalism in times of change

DURATION: 6 weeks, 3–4 hours per week
COST: Free

Participants in this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will learn how information technology, the rise of managerialism and social, cultural and demographic changes have impacted professionals and forced them to respond. In addition to an in-depth understanding of these challenges, participation in the course will yield a road map for a new perspective, a paradigm shift and a way forward.

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