Anniversary 385 years of science and academia

Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht will be celebrating their 77th anniversary this year. With the pandemic now largely under control, we can finally celebrate the occasion with a host of activities. Visit the anniversary website for an overview
of activities. 

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Any questions?

UU Research Agenda

Our researchers are looking for questions that could inspire new research or trigger surprising developments in existing projects. Take part and ask your own question today. Open for submissions through February 2022.


Celebrating with our city

An exhibition on past UU anniversaries, where the entire city of Utrecht joined the university in celebration. On display through November 30 in the Utrecht Archive.


Foto Afstudeertas

Anniversary alumni tote bag

While our ‘regular’ alumni tote bag is already quite unique (exclusively issued to recent alumni upon graduation) this version is truly a collector’s item. The anniversary alumni tote bag will only be available for the duration of this anniversary year.
However, you can also get one if you graduated well before this year: Illuster is giving away 50 tote bags! 

You can no longer apply for this giveaway. Winners will receive their bag at the end of November/early December.


Talking Utrecht

A series of podcasts and round tables in which students, alumni, staff members, and policy makers from Utrecht discuss some of the controversial social issues that will ultimately shape our city’s future. Listen to the episodes on Spotify

City Walks

Foto QR code scannen

Utrecht Time Machine

Scan the QR code tiles all around the city and immerse yourself in Utrecht’s history. You can also just download the map, print it out and have a nice old-fashioned stroll.

Science and theatre

Foto ter illustratie van De Futuristen

What if we were no longer free to choose our own professions?

The workforce is shrinking. The population is ageing as birthrates decline. The effects are already being felt in the healthcare and education sectors, which are experiencing staff shortages. The question is, what does this spell for the distant future? What if we could only choose from so called critical occupations in future? The Futurists sees theatre makers and researchers explore the future in the form of an interview and a special performance created over the course of a single day. This edition features Professor of Labour Economics Joop Schippers.

Tuesday 23 November. Details here

Completing the archive

Foto van stapel Illusters

All Illuster editions available online

Our alumni magazine Illuster is now in its twenty-sixth year. The University Library has now digitised all editions published over the first 25 years. Our archive is finally complete and accessible to everyone online.

You can access the entire Illuster archive here


Foto cover boek Studenten denken

Thinking like a student

Student life is a period of independence, change and personal development. UU students Daniel van Wyngaarden, Luuk Brouns and Veronique Scharwächter explore this fascinating period in the book Studentendenken (Thinking like a student). Their ‘philosophical guide to life’ covers issues such as performance anxiety, loneliness, motivation and choice overload.

Studentendenken was published by Prometheus Publishers and is available for purchase via this link

Looking back

Never waste a good crisis

Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic have a major impact on both society and individuals. So how do we adapt before, after and during an emergency? Studium Generale has organised a digital lecture series entitled ‘Adapt! Researchers from various disciplines will discuss the dynamics of crisis, the way in which disasters connect people, and the impact of extreme events on democracy.

Watch the lectures here


First-year stories

Painstaking quests for student rooms, unexpected events, faceless lecture halls and homesickness. The First-year stories podcast features students and alumni discussing their first year as a student in Utrecht. A carefree period in a distant past for some, and a year that has only just ended for others. Guests include cycling commentator Maarten Ducrot, UIT press officer Merel Smeets and terrorism expert Beatrice de Graaf.

DUB’s First Year Stories is available on Spotify and YouTube.


Foto UUnited

UUnited Music Festival

Don’t miss this one: The third edition of the UUnited Music Festival is set to take place in TivoliVredenburg on Thursday 24 March 2022. Nine Parnassos student music societies will be rocking the house with some wellknown special guests! In search of unexpected collaborations, they managed to land some big names for the lineup. For example, gospel singer Dwight Dissels will share the stage with Dekoor and the Kunstorkest will perform with young composer Sarah Neutkens. The UUnited Orchestra and Trijntje Oosterhuis will close the event with a spectacular final performance. You don’t want to miss this! The Utrecht University Fund took part in the fundraising effort and made its own contribution.