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Illuster is Utrecht University's alumni magazine and features the university, its alumni, students and staff in interviews, articles and background stories.

This edition: public engagement

In this Illuster, you will read how PhD candidate Fleur Froeling's research got better by collaborating with 'citizen scientists', how to design a museum room in such a way that visitors are amazed and how you yourself can contribute to ongoing scientific research. Will you also become a treasure hunter, stargazer or AI trainer?

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To introduce new alumni to Illuster, there is a special graduation edition of Illuster. You will receive this during your graduation ceremony.

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Illuster is the Utrecht University alumni magazine and portrays the university, its alumni, students and employees with interviews, articles and background stories. Illuster is published two times a year and sent free of charge to all alumni with a known postal address in the Netherlands (email us at to change your address information). Illuster is available in Dutch (both print and online) and English (online only).

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