Illustration by the artist Argibald
Cartoon by Argibald

Support the Botanical Gardens

Bankje in Botanische Tuinen

Looking for a unique, sustainable and personalised gift? If so, why not consider donating a bench to our Botanical Gardens? For example, your donation could mark a birth, anniversary, marriage or retirement. Perhaps you would like to commemorate a beloved friend or family member who passed away. In addition to the bench itself, your €5,000 contribution will also go towards environmental education and biodiversity projects in the Gardens. Dividing your gift into five annual donations will make it tax deductible. Finally, your bench will also feature a nameplate as a sign of gratitude for your donation.

If you would like more information or want to adopt a bench right away, please visit this page

Openluchtbioscoop in de Botanisch Tuinen bij de Sharing Days
image: Bas van Hattum

Thank you for sharing

The first edition of Sharing Days took place in May 2022. A new initiative by Utrecht University and the Utrecht University Fund, offering various opportunities to contribute to Utrecht University’s growth and prosperity. The event programme included various special encounters in inspiring locations. Over 400 alumni, students and staff collectively raised €15,000 for a variety of projects. In addition to financial support, contributors also donated more than 100 hours of volunteer work. President of the Executive Board Anton Pijpers: I’m proud we’ve managed to organise the first ever edition of Sharing Days. Our academic community can engage with the university and broader society all sorts of ways, and this is an important first step towards raising awareness. I’m looking forward to the next edition in 2023.

The 2023 edition of Sharing Days is set to take place in the week from 5 to 11 June. For the latest details, visit our page

3.5 million euros for multidisciplinary research is a great boost for our research

Een foto van José van Dijck
José van Dijck, distinguished university professor of media and the digital society
Centre for Unusual Collaborations

Unusual collaborations

Challenging future generations: the official motto of the alliance between Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and Utrecht University Medical Centre. The Centre for Unusual Collaborations (CUCo) established by the four institutions’ respective Young Academies dovetails perfectly with that notion: CUCo researchers seek out unexpected collaborations across disciplinary lines. They are driven by a desire to address social challenges and their own personal sense of curiosity. CUCo encourages researchers to learn from collaborations based on an attitude of openness and humility. The centre supports the unique teams with financial resources, applying an innovative approach to research funding and collaboration.

For more information on CUCo’s research, visit their website

A single question can change the world

How can we make sweets less appealing? Why do children scream and shout? Scientific research always starts with a question! Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht engaged with Utrecht residents from all age groups and backgrounds in 2021 to discuss the questions that mattered most to them. The resulting 1,200-plus questions form the basis for the UU Research Agenda. Our researchers are currently working to answer these questions along various lines. This includes a series produced in collaboration with RTV Utrecht, a website and the themes covered in our Studium Generale programme. A magazine with more details on the development of the UU Research Agenda and the various questions has also been published.

Many of the original research questions have already been addressed, and are featured at this page

Voorpagina van de Utrechtse Wetenschapsagenda