The academic research being conducted in the Department of History and Art History falls under the Research Institute for History and Art History (OGK).


Concepts such as terrorism and conflict, heritage, institutions and civil society figure prominently in the research of the Utrecht historians. Their work encompasses not only all periods from antiquity to the modern day, it also examines developments over the long term. Utrecht's historians make in-depth contributions to current societal debates by revealing how comparable processes occurred in the past, as well as how that past has served to shape the present.

Maria Magdalena, door Jan van Scorel, ca. 1530 – Rijksmuseum

Art History

The Utrecht-based art historians study art, frequently with an emphasis on the Low Countries or Europe, in their broader cultural and artistic context. Focus areas of research and education are: the object as a material source and the artistic interaction with other countries and continents. The architectural historians working in Utrecht cooperate closely with Monumentenzorg, the Dutch organisation for the preservation of listed buildings and tangible heritage.

Recent publications

17 October 2019
This October, Red Globe Press published "History of the Body", Willemijn Ruberg's newest book.
17 October 2019
Last month, Brill published "Ambitious Antiquities, Famous Forebears" by Prof. Karl Enenkel and Prof. Koen Ottenheym.
19 September 2019
This collection of essays approaches the subject of collecting and empires from a global and inclusive comparative perspective.