In our historical and art historical research, concepts such as institutions, violence and conflict, heritage, sustainability, security, democracy, culture and power occupy an important place. Our research offers insights into the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, especially in relation to gender, class, and ethnicity. In doing so, we consider all periods, from ancient and medieval times to the present, and study developments in specific contexts and over the long term.

Global interaction and comparison

Geographically, our research increasingly broadens beyond the borders of the Netherlands and Europe to look at other parts of the world, from Africa and the Middle East to Latin America and Asia (and Indonesia in particular). Here, we focus on the cultural, commercial and (post)colonial interaction with those continents, and also compare those regions with Europe and with each other.


Our research has a solid disciplinary basis, and also hosts a lively diversity of theoretical concepts and interdisciplinary methods. We explore, develop and use natural science, social science and digital methods with a view to renewing our research.

Across research group boundaries, we collaborate in: