The Faculty Club of ... Sara Pot

In this section, our members tell something about themselves and why they are members of the Faculty Club. Sara Pot is project leader for the alumni relations team and the Utrecht University Fund.

De Faculty Club van Sara Pot

Why am I a member? Of course, because it is the most fun and sociable club of Utrecht University! It's a great place to meet, have dinner, meet colleagues and alumni and attend meetings. And of course I also like to come there to catch up with Pieter and Mark!

The Faculty Club is the most fun and cosy club of Utrecht University. It's a great place to meet up, attend meetings and meet colleagues and alumni.

I became acquainted with the Faculty Club when I was asked to take over the club manager's duties together with my colleague Willemijn Dres. I was, among other things, responsible for communication and the programme committee, and I enjoyed that so much. When we were able to transfer these responsibilities to Sandy (ed. the current club manager), I wanted to stay involved somehow. I signed up as a member and was fortunate enough to remain part of the programme committee. 

Perhaps nice to know, the programme committee is looking for new members! So, would you like to organise activities and meetings for our staff and alumni? Please send an email to

What do you do in daily life?

I am a project leader for the alumni relations team and the Utrecht University Fund. So I'm involved in connecting and involving alumni and donors to Utrecht University. A very varied job. At the moment I'm working on rolling out a week that will be all about 'giving'. And then it's about giving in the broad sense: giving of time, donations and knowledge. Hopefully, despite the measures, we can find a nice and appropriate way to continue this.  

Nicest memory of the Faculty Club?

Hmm nice question, I had to think about that for a moment. Two memories come to mind. First of all, the pub quiz we organised in cooperation with the Young OBP Network. So much fun to think about ridiculously difficult questions with a diverse group! I still think it was a miracle that we won. That was certainly not my fault... And the Valentine's dinner two years ago. Great food, an incredibly interesting lecture by Dr Claudia Vink and there was chocolate. It doesn't get any better than that as far as I'm concerned ?   

What are you looking forward to the most?

A bitter snack! Sometimes I really crave the bitterballen, cheese sticks and shrimp croquettes of the Faculty Club. Hopefully the doors will open again soon and the chip shop can get going.

Any suggestions for activities for the Faculty Club?

Together with the programme committee we have planned so many fun activities that could not take place due to the measures. It is difficult to add anything new. I am still looking forward to a winter BBQ, tapas evening, a repeat of the pub quiz and a garden party at midsummer night. I also think it would be nice to offer some more workshops. Maybe we can do a cooking workshop with the chef of the club? First we cook and then we all eat together. 

I was also thinking that I think it would be interesting to approach our members more personally and to involve them through our communication tools. We have a lot of new members, but also long-time fans. How nice it would be if we could congratulate members on a membership anniversary by means of a customised mail! Congratulations, today you have been a member of the Faculty Club for 20 years, are you coming for a cake?