EDI Steering Committee and Faculty Commissions

The Diversity Dean has the final responsibility for the programme. The Diversity Dean is the chair of the Steering Committee, where all faculties, the two University Colleges and students are represented. The Steering Committee is responsible for the execution of the programme and support at faculty level. All faculties and the two University Colleges have their own EDI Commission.

Diversity Dean

Steering Committee

Miranda Snezana

Dr. Sne┼żana Stupar-Rutenfrans 
E-Mail: s.stuparrutenfrans@ucr.nl 
Associate Professor of Research Methods & Statistics
Head of Social Science Department


Student members Steering Committee

Ezra Dekker 
Saskia Corveleijn 
Lune de Rijck 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at the faculties

All faculties and University College Utrecht have their own diversity committees. Next to the faculty pages below, some faculties have employee-specific information on their diversity committee on intranet (employee login required).

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at Faculty of Science
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at University College Utrecht
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at Faculty of Humanities