“Let diversity become the standard,” says Diversity Dean Janneke Plantenga. Various aspects come with that: becoming aware of the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion, equal opportunities for everyone, a learning and working climate in which all students and employees feel welcome and appreciated, and monitoring the progress of the actions that are taken, both within and outside Utrecht University.

Utrecht stands out in research into matters such as class and sex differences in the labour market, gender and diversity, and interculturally communicating. The university also participates in social projects and is the founder of the Better Well-Being Index.

You can read more about the broad involvement of Utrecht University in equality, diversity and inclusion on the following theme pages.

Increasing Awareness

Gender and diversity, refugees and migration, Black Lives Matter and decolonisation are some of the topics that researchers and policy makers occupy themselves with. Their research projects, networks and activities are often interdisciplinary, and often reach far beyond the boundaries of their own university.

Equal Opportunities

Prosperity and income inequality, class and sex differences in the labour market, inclusive recruitment and selection of students and employees, and programmes made for students with migration backgrounds are among the activities that the university is involved in.

Inclusive Learning and Working Climate

Research into interculturally communicating, in-company and externally provided training courses in the field of intercultural competences, and attention for students and employees with disabilities are ways to ensure that everyone feels safe and appreciated at the university.

Data on Diversity

How many female PhD candidates, lecturers and professors are there? How do the numbers hold up to the set target figures? How many students, alumni and employees with migration backgrounds are there, and how does the migration balance at Utrecht University hold up to other Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences?