EDI Programme

Let everyone feel at home at Utrecht University. We believe that diversity of students and employees enrichens the academic debate and that everyone deserves equal opportunities. We see it as our social responsibility to live up to this ambition. 

    Professor Janneke Plantenga, the first Diversity Dean of Utrecht University


    Utrecht University wants to make a visible contribution to an inclusive university community, to a just society, and to equal rights and equal opportunities for all.


    Utrecht University is working towards a better world and sees Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as a central starting point for the policy domains of education, research and impact. The importance of the programme is reflected in our actions as students, managers and employees. These actions are focused on creating an open and inspiring community, where everyone can feel at home, with opportunities for everyone, and with space for new forms of thinking, learning and working.

    equality, diversity & inclusion. 1. Equality refers to equal opportunities for all and combatting discrimination. 2. Diversity refers to recognizing, respecting and valuing differences between people. 3. Inclusion refers to an university community where everyone is valued and feels at home.

    5 objectives 2021-2025 and examples of actions

    1 Increasing awareness with regard to equality, diversity and inclusion within and outside the university.

    • Training academic leadership
    • Celebration of the International Women’s Day and the Coming Out Day

    2 Actively supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion

    •  Better accessible university buildings and online environments
    • Training programmes for refugees

    3 Making employees and students feel welcome and valued at the university

    • Focus in intake and selection on diversity in ethnic and cultural background of students
    • Gender targets for female academics

    4 Stimulating an inclusive, open and safe learning and working environment

    • Promote an inclusive curriculum in education
    • Stimulate role models in boards and among directors

    5 Monitoring the progress of these actions

    • Annual report on diversity of students and employees
    • Annual report on diversity of boards and committees
    the five focus areas of edi