Utrecht University is an organisation where cooperation and trust are central and where employees and students enjoy working and studying.

Utrecht University stimulates diversity and inclusion within education, research and the organisation.

A diverse and inclusive community of students and teachers contributes to an inspiring and challenging learning environment. In addition, this is a good preparation for working in a pluriform society.

Diversity and inclusion enrich the academic debate and contribute to an intensive cooperation and exchange with social organisations.

Utrecht University considers it important to contribute to bridging opposites and creating equal opportunities for all.


8 March 2019
Women who opt for a job in engineering report a greater degree of identity threat because of their femininity.
Docentenprijzen 2019
7 March 2019
Niels Bovenschen (Biomedical Sciences) wins the 2019 Outstanding Teacher Award. Marij Swinkels (Public Governance and Management) was chosen as teacher talent.
6 March 2019
A private fund is granting protein chemist Stefan Rüdiger 250,000 euros for fundamental research on Huntington's disease.
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5 March 2019
Rosemarie Buikema, Katrine Smiet, and Berteke Waaldijk talk about unheard stories, historiography, and the enslaved Sojourner Truth.
Prof. dr. Aoju Chen. Foto: Ivar Pel
5 March 2019
Aoju Chen is involved in the research 'Where do I belong?' within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth of Utrecht University.


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